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Odd Holiday Thoughts

I was sitting here thinking about Christmas and everything that goes with it, when all of a sudden a crazy thought popped into my head. “I should get baptized” I thought. Then came the thought “What!? Why!?” If you read this blog and you know me then you will understand why this was a crazy thought, if you don’t know me then the following may help you decipher why I believe this to be such a weird thing.

Most baptisms that I have witnessed require the person getting baptized to state why he/she is doing so, to affirm faith or what not. When I thought about what I might write this what came to mind.

Dear Congregation and Minster,

I only come to your church on Christmas Eve as a guest and after today that probably won’t change. I do believe in God, I may not believe everything that the Bible says, because it was written down by men a very long time ago in a language that people are having trouble translating. I love God! I think She’s great! I am here today to get baptized, not for God, but for my family who believes that this will bring me closer to Him. God knows me, knows what is in my heart, much like Santa knows when kids have been naughty or nice(it’s a joke people lighten up!) Because God knows me so well She doesn’t care what I call my belief in Him, names do not matter. If the name and ways I choose to express my belief in God do not matter to Him then why should dousing myself in water matter to Him?

I do not live my life to please God. That would be like living my life to please my mother. It would make her greatly happy but chances are I would be miserable. If my mother bases her happiness on whether or not I do what she thinks I should then she will be continually disappointed. I do not ask myself everyday “What would God do? or What would Jesus do?” Instead I ask myself “What can I do to be the best person I can be? Will my actions be selfless or selfish?” And sometimes I am selfish and sometimes I am selfless, other times I fall in between. If I lived my life to please God then I would be completely miserable all the time worrying and wondering if I have done enough, been enough. God loves me and does not want me to be miserable. So I live with God in my heart and I am true to myself and so I am happy. I do not feel that I will be shut out of Heaven simply because I do not live to please God, I do not believe that I will be sentenced to a fiery pit in Hell because I do not get baptized. God loves me and accepts me for who I am. So I do this for family and friends who do believe that we won’t be together in Heaven if I am not baptized, to ease their minds, so they will have physical confirmation of a truth I already know .



This is the letter that I would write for my baptism, if I ever decide to do it. Of course they would probably throw the Bible at my head and tell me to vacate the baptismal area…..but hey! it’s my truth and I haven’t been struck down by lightning. What’s your truth? Are brave enough to share it?


Strength: God Given or Man Made?

Strong, it was a word that I heard a lot after January 12, 2011. After I made a decision, after I let my husband go, after he died. I never really thought about the word, strength or what it meant to be strong. That is until one day during ISATs I was whispering to the teacher asking her about jobs and tests and I made the off hand comment about not being able to live on social security and sub pay forever. When she asked if my daughter received social security I automatically responded with yes and I receive widows benefits. She gave me a big hug. The next day she said she prayed for me and said that I was a strong woman and that she knew that came from God. That got me thinking was strength a gift from God or something made by people when they need it the most?

Valerie, it is a name that is not uncommon. It means strong or at least that’s what all the baby books I have read say it means. What does it mean to be strong? Is a strong person someone who fights for what they believe in? Is it someone who conquers all obstacles to succeed when others have said she would fail? Is it someone who continues to live when it feels like the world and God have abandoned him? Is it the person who continues to love even when her heart is broken into millions of pieces? Is it the Prince who continues to look for his true love even though the evil Queen has thrown dragons and immense thorn bushes in his path? I am not sure that I honestly know. But this is what I believe strength is standing up for yourself and those around you who cannot stand up for themselves. Strength is being kind and generous even when you encounter others that are cruel and selfish. Strength is picking yourself up and continuing to walk even when life seems to want to do no more then beat you back to the ground. Strength is knowing when you should do things alone and when you should ask for help. Sometimes strength is holding on so tight to something that all of you aches. Sometimes strength is letting go even though it feels like you are being ripped apart. That’s what it means to me. What does it mean to you?