Frustration and Lethargy

Exciting news! My daughter and I have been invited to participate in Barnes and Noble’s local author event on May 19th! I am thrilled! There’s only one problem, it is difficult for Barnes and Noble to purchase books from create space. In order to participate I need to put my books and Anastasia’s on Ingram. Easy enough.

Ingram is a good platform but it costs. It costs $49 per book, but they often have special codes for your first book published with them. I set up an account for myself and one for Anastasia. As I am setting up the account it prompts me to purchase an ISBN. I tried to use the one I have on create space and it’s a no go, guess I’m purchasing an ISBN or two. At this point I was not happy, but if it lets me get into a big store to sell more books locally I’m in.

I’ve bought ISBN numbers, accounts set up and interiors and covers uploaded. Prices set, distribution channels checked and I’m ready to go. That’s what I thought anyway.

I have been fighting with the covers for nearly a week now and I am beyond frustrated!


Ingram keeps sending them back with something else that isn’t correct. I redid them again today I am crossing my fingers and sending out prayers to every god I can think of that they come back acceptable!

It does not help that the weather has been cold, wet, and gloomy. Weather like this makes me feel tired and a little depressed. A few days of it and I can usually push through, but a week or more and I am driving the struggle bus into struggle town. We have had a glimpse of sun and warmth, barely a glimpse.

So, I am working through some frustration and lethargic tendencies this week. It’s slow going, but I am hopeful. I’ve done a little more work to the kitchen, I’ve written an outline for my next book and I’m considering painting my bedroom. You know, after I’ve procrastinated by binge watching Flea Market Flip and Good Bones for a couple more hours.


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