Time to Write

My writing studio/library is finally finished! It was a fun project. Below are some photos of the process🙂.

I started with cleaning out the room and the closet.

It was a horrible mess!

I knew I needed a desk and it had to be something inspiring. I originally started out using old shipping pallets to build the desk. I wasn’t happy with the results and decided to start fresh.

I had 2 old upper kitchen cabinets and long piece of plywood. After some thinking and a long time staring at the pieces I finally had an idea.

First I had to decide which way the cabinets turned bookshelves should sit. I decided on the L shape. Thinking of the amount of space in the room that shape made more sense. It also felt more like a desk than the counter at a store.

The paint color is one that I had laying around from another project. I wasn’t terribly concerned with the color because I wanted to do something fun on the top. I needed a primer and the leftover paint did the trick!

After I painted both sides of the board I screwed it down to the top of the bookshelves. I made sure to place the screws where they would hit the thickest part of the shelves. This way the screws didn’t end up poking into the inside of the bookshelves and ruining any tall books. I wasn’t concerned with filling in the screw heads because the next step covered them up. Otherwise, I would have used a wood putty to fill in the heads then painted over it to get a nice finished look. I’m certain there is a better way to attach a top to a desk, however, I’m not a professional carpenter. Nope, I’m a simple DIY person that often follows the “let’s see if this works ” philosophy 😉.

Onto the next step!

I took an old herbal book and tore out a lot of pages. I know, I know! How could I deface a book! It wasn’t as hard as it should have been, but I kept telling myself that the pages were getting a new life. I took the pages and Mod Podge and decoupaged the desktop. I didn’t stop there!

After I finished the decoupage step I decided to write some quotes from authors and books on the top of the desk. I used a black sharpie but you could use any color of permanent marker. When I finished with writing the quotes I took polyurethane and gave the desktop several coats, letting each coat dry before adding another coat.

While that was drying I created a cork board from some old wood pieces and cork I bought at the local craft store. It turned out nicely 🙂.

I decided I didn’t like the white and painted the outside of the desk black.

I left the inside shelves white because I like the contrast. The colors remind me of ink and paper and books🙂.

I decided to write another quote on the side of the short shelf. I found the quote on Pinterest and I loved it, so I wanted to include it somewhere on the shelves.

Here is the room from the doorway.

I am very pleased with how everything came together and I’m eager to get writing!

Currently I am helping my daughter publish her book on Amazon. It has not been easy but progress is being made. Fingers crossed, it will be available this week.


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