Monthly Archives: March 2015

Trying to Live More Fully

On New Year’s Eve I wrote about finally realizing that I am happy. Now that I am more aware of this I want to try to live more fully. For me this means giving the same weight to the little things as I do the big things. Not the troubles or missteps, but the good things in my life. There will always be troubles and missteps. Those are easy to se and get angry or saddened by. The good things in life often get ignored or passed by because, to often, we are concerned about the troubles we face on a daily basis.

This blog has served as my post loss blog. The blog that has gotten me through some pretty emotional and troubling times. It has been my outlet when I needed to vent about everyday life after my loss. It has been my guide through hard times and release when everything just got to be too much. My judgement free zone. Now I want it to become my outlet for good things. I will be posting things that fascinate and interest me and things that just plain make me happy. I cannot promise that there won’t be an occasional down swing, as life often gets rough, but my goal is continue to build on my realization of happiness.

Today I am super happy about having lost 10 pounds since January, that I am exercising and eating right, and I am especially happy because today is the first day of Spring. I love Spring!

I will try to write every week, no promises. I am not good with schedules 🙂

Tell me friends what makes you happy to be alive?