The Blues and Lemongrass

I woke up this morning and things went down hill from there. Took my daughter to the doctor and she has strep throat…again. The doctor prescribed the nastiest tasting antibiotic known to humankind, even with it being flavored. One of my friends and business partner informs me that she is resigning from the education endeavor we are trying to get up and running. Then I go to mow my lawn, which takes me 3 times longer than it should because the grass is still wet and calf deep. Then I realize I can’t mow my front lawn because my roommate has the only key to the gate lock. Needless to say it was not going well.

 I understand the reasons behind my business partners resigning, family comes first. However this does not mean that I am not disappointed. I also realize that it is not my daughters fault that she has strep throat or my lawn mowers fault that it has rained a lot and I haven’t been able to mow. Does not mean that I don’t feel a bit depressed or a lot blue. 

I just get tired of feeling like everything is a struggle! So I drowned my sorrows in a nice hot bath. I stepped in the tub feeling lower than dirt and then I  smelled the soap. MMMMMM! Heaven! 

The lemongrass scent wafted off of the bar of soap into my brain and through every tight, tense muscle I had. I relaxed and let everything go……………………it was just a whisper, a sigh, a minor bump in the road. In that lemony haze I let myself drift and for a few minutes everything was just……..BLISS! I think Lemongrass might just be my new favorite scent!


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