A New Kind of Learning

Okay, for about a year now I have been working on a great concept…well I think it’s pretty special anyway;) 

I want to open a school that focuses on students and the environment. So I got some friends together and we came up with Green Leaf Academy. So for the last year we have been working on getting our doors open. We have recently launched a campaign on http://www.startsomegood.com. I know I don’t usually post things like this and I will admit to being a little uncomfortable using my blog to plug my new business….but I’m getting more comfortable with every word! 

I have had one grand scheme or another since I was little, I was going to be a figure skater, a great writer, world class psychologist, and the best teacher in the whole freakin’ world! But never made it past the dreaming phase for most of them. I hold a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s in education. But this idea…it strikes a cord in me that nothing else does(besides my beautiful daughter :)) 

I have found a bond with the environment and a passion for teaching children a better way of living. Sounds a bit corny I know but nevertheless it is true. I am going to share with you some pics and websites about my idea. If you like what you see visit www.startsomegood.com/greenleafacademy and help us start a lot of good.

Fresh veggies will be grown in containers and onsite gardens to feed our students. Healthy meals=healthy students.
Active learning takes place in a variety of settings. Classrooms won’t be filled with numb bums. Kids are active and like to learn in a lot of different ways.
children are the VIPs in a school. Everything we do should benefit them now and in the future. The environment they live and learn in effects who they are and who they will be, so let’s give them the best. Let’s teach them how to care for the environment, their community, each other and themselves. If we do this then their futures are looking outstanding!










Visit our website at www.greenleaf-academy.org and on facebook.

Don’t forget to help us start some good at www.startsomegood.com/greenleafacademy. Every little bit helps:)


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