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Strength: God Given or Man Made?

Strong, it was a word that I heard a lot after January 12, 2011. After I made a decision, after I let my husband go, after he died. I never really thought about the word, strength or what it meant to be strong. That is until one day during ISATs I was whispering to the teacher asking her about jobs and tests and I made the off hand comment about not being able to live on social security and sub pay forever. When she asked if my daughter received social security I automatically responded with yes and I receive widows benefits. She gave me a big hug. The next day she said she prayed for me and said that I was a strong woman and that she knew that came from God. That got me thinking was strength a gift from God or something made by people when they need it the most?

Valerie, it is a name that is not uncommon. It means strong or at least that’s what all the baby books I have read say it means. What does it mean to be strong? Is a strong person someone who fights for what they believe in? Is it someone who conquers all obstacles to succeed when others have said she would fail? Is it someone who continues to live when it feels like the world and God have abandoned him? Is it the person who continues to love even when her heart is broken into millions of pieces? Is it the Prince who continues to look for his true love even though the evil Queen has thrown dragons and immense thorn bushes in his path? I am not sure that I honestly know. But this is what I believe strength is standing up for yourself and those around you who cannot stand up for themselves. Strength is being kind and generous even when you encounter others that are cruel and selfish. Strength is picking yourself up and continuing to walk even when life seems to want to do no more then beat you back to the ground. Strength is knowing when you should do things alone and when you should ask for help. Sometimes strength is holding on so tight to something that all of you aches. Sometimes strength is letting go even though it feels like you are being ripped apart. That’s what it means to me. What does it mean to you?