God’s Curtain

There is no veil, a thin and filmy thing

that hides heaven from our wondering eyes

No, not a veil that would let us see the merest hints of what’s to be.

No God has a curtain between this world and the next.

It covers everything and does it’s best to shadow and enclose those who have crossed.

Like the heavy curtains on a stage, velvet and soft

that block our views of the actors and activity beyond.

So heavy is that curtain that sound is muffled and drowned.

But wait…could it be a small slit, a parting in that heavy, velvet tapestry?

Or is it only my imagination, my head full of longing, my heart full of sorrow

Do I hear the whisper of my love or is it the whisper of the curtain?



I feel there should be more to this poem but I can’t seem to find the words so I have ended it there. I believe that heaven is not somewhere beyond the clouds but right here next to us. I think we brush that curtain everyday and don’t realize it. This belief keeps me going and when I am scared reassures me that I am not alone. I know this is different from my other posts but it was in my head and needed to be freed. I am going to start another blog soon, just an fyi. I believe that my life is out of balance, I think most people are out of balance to be honest. So my next blog is going to be about finding balance in this crazy world.

I started this blog originally to help me through the grief of last year. It has been very helpful in allowing me to find my strength and vent my grief and I may continue back here from time to time to add things as my journey from grief is not quite over. Thank you for everything.




2 thoughts on “God’s Curtain

  1. I like your words, your honesty–I’m sorry for your grief; it’s hard, I know. I am firmly persuaded that God is the only person we can count on to be there for us–the Bible is full of references to His unfailing Love and Faithfulness. It is within the personal relationship I have with Jesus, that I enjoy any balance, comfort, reassurance that I am fully accepted by His shed blood, and can survive this flawed world, maintain some peace and joy, and hope in the expectation of GOOD. In Jeremiah He says He knows the plans He has for us, for a future and hope–good things. I’m also convinced He is very Present in my dark times which are unpredictable, a roller coaster. When nothing else in my life–outside, or inside me–is solid, HE IS MY ROCK. He sees, He hears, He feels the hurts I have–and we talk, just like I’m “talking” now in this comment box. HE is REAL to me, and that’s what counts. God bless you and your family with His abundant favor–I hope what I’ve said has helped, or at least not made things more difficult for you. Caddo

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